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Welcome to the homepage of the Catholic Church of Saint Thomas in Lenasia. You will find all the information concerning the life of the community, as well as all the services that are rendered by the community.
  • Pope’s Intentions March 2015

    6 March 2015, by Vicki Basson

    Universal: That those involved in scientific research may serve the well-being of the whole human person.
    Evangelization: That the unique contribution of women to the life of the Church may be recognized always.

  • PN 08 March 2015

    6 March 2015, by Vicki Basson

    Third Sunday of Lent, Year B
    “This last week the fires in Cape Town have dominated our screens and our hearts. Sometimes we forget that we are still at the mercy of nature. Our control over most of our environment can seem complete and then a natural disaster strikes and we are reminded again of how vulnerable we are.
    As this fire has raged it has affected many people; those whose homes have been damaged or burnt, those who have been injured, the fire fighters who are working to (...)

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